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60% OFF Blackhead Vacuum Remover Pore Cleaner

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£9.99 £24.99 Buy It Now

ENHOOTA blackhead vacuum remover is focused on solving skin problems. Create delicate skin for you. Join us now!

【6 Replacement Probes】
➤Circular massage head: The cold touch of the ball can bring fresh feeling instantly. It can relieve fatigue and swelling of face, promote blood circulation and reduce swelling.
➤Rolling massage head: Used to exfoliate, massage skin and get rid of dead skin cells and calluses.
➤Big round head: Strong suction, mainly used on T-Zone area for remove blackhead.
➤Small round probe: It is suitable for sensitive skin and aim at smoothing the area around blackhead & acne.
➤Oval Probe: Used to lessen wrinkles and life up the skin.
➤Cupping Hole Probe: Negative pressure aspiration can make the blood circulation more comfortable. Increasing the secretion of sweat glands, which is conducive the discharge of body toxins and reduce the burden on the body.

Power: 5w
Material: ABS
Suction stress: 63 kPa
Package Weight: 380g

【How to Use】
➤Remove makeup and wash face.
➤Hot compress for 5 minutes to open pores.
➤Use export fluid to release blackheads.
➤Press the power button and move slowly in one direction.
➤After skincare, use the mask to shrink pores.

➤Please use blackhead remover vacuum follow manual.
➤Move slowly from left to right or from right to left instead of pulling up and down.
➤Do not use blackhead vacuum on scars, fragile, open wounds or papules.
➤Please use minimum suction and test on hands. Each skin area is kept for no more than 3 seconds to prevent redness and swelling of the skin.
➤There may be erythema after first use. This is normal and it will automatically disappear within a few hours. Please don’t worry.

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