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Electric Nail File Set (Champagne Gold)

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Easy to Use:

◆Choose the drill bit you want.

◆Insert the drill bit about 5mm spacing, prevent flying out during use.

◆Plugin the USB cable into USB adaptor (or any USB port sources) to the main electric outlet.

◆Pull out the drill bit after use.

Attention Please:

◆To extend the machine life, please turn off the mainboard power when changing nail drill bits.

◆Do not change the turning directions frequently, in order to avoid the handpiece being damaged.

◆While using, please adjust the speed gradually, do not adjust speed suddenly.

◆To prevent overheating less than 20 minutes of continuous use each time is recommended.

◆Do not touch any rotating parts on the machine during operation.

◆Please don’t rotate to open the drill body, that will damage the electric machinery.

◆Do not put the machine on a place where it is exposed to strong vibration, dust, smoke, chemical and corrosive substances, toxic gases etc.

◆Meet the demand of the power supply labelled on the product.

◆Please insert the wire plug connected to the nail drill firmly to avoid the nail drill being unusable.

◆Be sure to use the dust plug and keep the dust plug away from the nail drill to make sure a suitable distance between the drill and the drill bit, avoid it difficult to remove the drill bit.

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