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Lecone Misting Fan for a humid & cool Summer!

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£7.79 £12.99 Buy It Now
Deal Score0
£7.79 £12.99 Buy It Now

Mini USB Desk Fan Personal Misting Fan Moisturizing Fan with Spray Bottle Handheld Humidifier Fan Rechargeable for Beauty, Home, Office, Travel (White).

Perfect Gift for your children, friends, boss, workmate and so on:
1. This mini fan comes with the overcharge circuit protection to keep the lithium battery safety and durable
2. Recharge the mini fan if you find the wind force and misty effect not well, it can be charged while using
3. Please use pure water to protect the humidifier, avoiding to use essential oil or other chemical corrosive substances

There are three reasons effecting the misty effect of the misting fan:
1. Lower power- please recharge the device if you find the wind and misty effect not well.
2. Aqueduct blockage : please shake the water tank a while to make the aqueduct unimpeded.
3. Atomizing transducer blockage: please clean the atomization chip with cotton swab soaked by alcohol or vinegar.

1. Power input: DC5V 1A-2A
2. Working current: 250mA (Fan); 350mA (Misty); 600mA (Fan+Misty)
3. Battery type: 18650
4. Battery capacity: 2000mAh
5. Using time: 3-7 hours for Fan; 5 hours for. . .

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