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Ales Mouse Traps, Reusable Snap Trap High Sensitive Plastic Mice Catcher

Ales Mouse Traps, Reusable Snap Trap High Sensitive Plastic Mice Catcher
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£10.99 Buy It Now
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£10.99 Buy It Now

Still, troubled by severe mice problem? Tried many ways but mice are still active in your house? Ales Mouse Trap provides you with an effective way to fight against mice!

Ales snap traps are extremely sensitive, effective, it’s better than glue and poison. Our mice catchers are easy to set and reusable, they can be used indoor and outdoor, for example, office, terrace, warehouse, restaurant, loft, cellar, farm, etc.

How to Set Up?
Rotate the bait cup at the bottom counterclockwise and put the bait into the cup, then insert the cup back.
Put the trap near the wall where mice often hang around, press down the clamp to open it and keep the open mouth towards the wall, away from 1cm.
Press down the clamp to release the rodent to the waste bin without touching the trap teeth.

Do NOT touch the pedal of the mouse trap with your fingers after setting. The pedal is very sensitive, please keep away from children and pets.
If you want to release the trap clamp, please use a stick to trigger the pedal.
Please change the bait frequently to keep it fresh and attractive before mice are been trapped.
Mice are very alert to new things, please wait patiently until they been caught.

Material: ABS plastic + stainless steel spring
Size: 10.5×5 cm / 4.13×2 in
Suggested Bait Food: cheese, peanut butter, chocolate, nut, cookies, biscuits, etc.

Package Include
6 x mouse traps
1 x Manual

After Sales Service

Legal Disclaimer
Please keep them away from children and pets; DO handle with care EVERY TIME you set the traps to avoid pinching fingers.

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