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Professional hairdryer with diffuser 2200W Power Blow dryer

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£24.99 £36.99 Buy It Now


Power: 2200W

Voltage and frequency: 220V~240V voltage, 50Hz

Handle folding: not foldable

Product color:  black

Packing size(approx.): 23 * 52.8 * 47.3 cm

Product weight(approx.): 971 g

Power cord length(approx.): 1.9m/74.8in

Temperature regulation: 3 Heat

Wind speed adjustment: 2 Speed

Wind mouth style: One wind nozzle

Overheat protection: Yes

Motor: DC motor

Air outlet: easy to clean and maintain, to prevent dust and hair from entering, so as not to affect the drying performance.

Storage hook: There is a rubber hook at the bottom of the handle, which is convenient for storage at home or in the hotel. It is especially convenient to use.

Human mechanics handle: The handle is designed according to human body mechanics, which is more suitable for people to use and prevent slipping.

Low noise operation: Eliminate other noises, keep the sound of the hairdryer running, make the sound pure, and not affect daily life.


1. Please ensure that the power supply voltage must meet the rated voltage of the unit before use.

2. When using, keep your hands dry. Do not use a hairdryer near the bathtub, washbasin or other utensils. When cleaning the appliance, first unplug the power cord.

3. Do not put the hot surface of the hairdryer close to the skin to prevent overheating.

4. Be careful not to let your hair get caught in the air vent during use. Never leave the hairdryer when it is turned on. Children should be closely monitored when using a hairdryer.

5. The power cord can’t withstand high temperature and strong pull. Do not wrap the power cord around the body.

6. Keep the air inlet and outlet

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